Did you know that the law requires anyone who serves alcohol to make a ‘reasonable effort’ to prevent intoxication in guests, prevent sales/serving to minors, and intervene in instances of clear intoxication?

We do, and as certified TIPS trainers, we understand how certifying your staff in this important program – whether the law requires you to do so or not – can demonstrate that you have made that ‘reasonable effort,’ and make a real difference should any future legal problem arise. Training is inexpensive. Losing your business is not.

OK, now that we’ve gotten the heavy stuff out of the way, we want to mention that we are great and engaging TIPS trainers. We have worked sales floors, stages, boardrooms, the lecture circuit. We’ve played to corporate crowds, wine/food enthusiasts, music fans, advertising clients…you name it. We’ve scored major points with the folks we’ve trained so far. They’ve even called us ‘fun.’ Cool!

We offer TIPS certification training sessions for interested individuals and larger corporate groups alike.

Alternatively, you may get certified through the TIPS online classroom.  TIPS charges $40 for the certification.  Click here to sign up for online certification.

GROUP TRAINING: Schedule group training for your business (limit 35 people per session).

INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: Ask us about individual/small group training – and consider coming to work with us.

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