Consumer goods makers have long known that product sampling is a valuable tool in driving the decision to purchase. More and more wine and beer industry brands are using this tool.

We recruit servers who are reliable, articulate and personable. Wine stewards tell us how happy they are when they see a Professional Pours team member arrive at their store for an event, because they know it will go well.

 We’ll send our staff to your tasting with a kit that includes everything they need to sell your product tastefully, responsibly, persuasively and in total compliance with the law. They’ll be dressed to suit the event. They’ll bring everything necessary to display your product and your promotional materials. We will train them to use the promotional messages you provide. Be it beer, wine or spirits, tasting events should be tasteful events. We’ve got that covered.

We also have you covered. With the new opportunity to do in-store tastings come new and sometimes confusing laws, policies and responsibilities. It pays to partner with people who get it – have dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t.’ We do that, and we can help you do that, too. And after the event we’ll give you documentation that includes how many people tasted your products, comments they offered – a full report.

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